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Our interview with international rider Yazmin Pinchen

Posted January 07th, 2017

Professional rider Yazmin Pinchen has had a fantastic competitive year in 2016, topped off by the wonderful news that she is expecting her first child, with her long term partner Nick. We caught up with Yazmin during her photoshot with our in house photographer Chloe Bowman. Chloe has captured some amazing images of Yazmin, just before the arrival of her new edition! 

Enjoy reading our interview!


Photography by Chloe Bowman

The interview


FS. Are you missing not being able to ride in the final stages of your pregnanacy?  YP. I am missing riding so much, I stopped just after 4 months, my pelvis has been giving me a few problems so I am very limited to what I can do. I cannot wait to get back in the saddle!!


FS. What has been your last career highlight this year before you stopped riding to prepare for your little one? YP. My last career highlight was winning at Hickstead. I have never won in that main arena so it was an immense feeling. I love that ring and being on home turf aswell!!

FS. You are used to riding  five or six horses a day, how have you been spending your time during the latter stages of your pregnancy? YP. Yeah, its difficult to not ride after i am used to riding that many a day. I love cooking so I have been cooking a lot and baking, not such a good thing. My boyfriend and I have moved into our new house so we have been decorating the house and the baby room!! Nick has been amazing, he has completely re-vamped the house with a new kitchen, a new bathroom the lot! He’s not just a pretty face!! I am really enjoying decorating the house, especially the baby room.

FS. You have recently moved out of your parents home to prepare for the birth of your little one, what have you missed most about not being at home? YP. Its always scary being out of your parents house but I am so happy with nick, I feel so comfortable with him and safe. I do miss home but I am always welcome there, often I go back and watch tv with mum and my sister. I do miss the open fridge and not thinking about doing my grocery shop!! It’s a change moving out but it’s a good change, growing up and standing on my own feet.


FS. When you found out you were expecting, did you worry about if your pregnancy was going to affect your show jumping career? YP. Not at all, its part of life for us women and I wouldn’t wish on it any other way. My family and nick are all so excited and if anything it has motivated me to get back riding and do even better than I did before. I want to make our son proud of me and look up to me! Obviously a break is never great and never comes in good time, but the horses have enjoyed a holiday. Us as a family have enjoyed a holiday from shows – it is a busy lifestyle and can be stressful. I cant wait to be able to take my son all around the world with me on my journey!


FS. Do you think there is pressure on professional sportswoman not to have or to delay having children?    YP. Absolutley. I had a really good chat with Jessica Kurten when I found out I was pregnant and she was so supportive about my news. She said it was the best time being young. Jessica focused on her career so much, she got the results she wished for and shes an inspiration to us aspiring showjumpers so it was really nice to chat with her. A lot of riders haven’t had the opportunity to have children, having the Olympics, world cup finals, global champions tours etc etc there is always something going on. Its easy for male riders they don’t have to stop riding. Meredeth Michaels Beerbaum introduced points freezing which has been great, knowing we can get back riding and not have to start from 0. Like I said before, life is so short and I think sometimes you have to make sacrifices for good things to happen.


FS. Who has been keeping your horses fit and exercised while you have not been riding? YP. My amazing mother has been riding everyday with my home rider Lucie. I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication. Especially when its freezing cold out there!! Now Laura Renwick is competing a few of my horses and they will be ready for me to get back riding in a few months. Laura is an amazing rider who I have always looked up to. It was an easy decision to give laura some horses to ride and I cant wait to go to the next show to watch her with the horses.


FS. What qualities were you looking for in a rider to compliment your horses training while you are unable to ride, was it important that you chose another lady rider, or does that not matter YP. I think a lady rider is definitely better, I am the only person who has ridden some of the horses as we have bred some or I have just produced them from 4 years old. Van de Vivaldi is a difficult horse and I have let him have most of this time on holiday. Now I am only 8 weeks away from meeting my son so I have asked Laura to get him going again at some shows and get him fit so I can jump straight back on and crack on.


FS. Do you think men have an advantage in the sport, not having to have time off due to pregnancy, and caring for a child? YP. 100%. Men are lucky but there is nothing we can do. That’s life and us women just have to get back on with it and show the men! I am more motivated now than ever before to get in that world top 10 list.


FS. Do you think motherhood will change you in regard to your competitive show jumping career? YP. I hope not, a few people have said you can lose your nerve but im hoping ill be fine. I want to just get back on and get stuck in. I watch youtube videos of myself all the time and it makes me miss it but motivates me. I want to make my son proud and reach my goals. I will go to the Olympics and he will be coming with me on that journey. It’s a lovely feeling knowing I can share this experience with him.


FS. When do you think little Harry Arthur will have his first pony? YP. Ha! I think quite soon, mum has mentioned a few times when we have seen little ones on ponies. He has to have a pony!! I don’t plan to push him to take on showjumping as a career though, very expensive!!! I will support him with whatever he chooses but he can have a pony and decide for himself. My partner isn’t into horses so maybe he will follow in his footsteps.


FS. Do you have a fitness plan in place to get back to riding fitness after your birth? YP. Yes, I will be back in the gym as soon as I can. I go swimming once a week and to yoga once a week now. When I am fully back I will be going to the gym as often as I can with my boyfriend as I have told him he has to take me and make me skinny again!! Being fit is really important and getting my body back.


FS. Which of your horses will be the first you get back on and why? YP. Definitly Van de Vivaldi my stallion. He might be a stallion but he is so safe, I trust him with my life. Ashkari is also very safe shes just a massive horse!! 


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