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Daniel Sherriff sponsored rider in the United Kingdom for Cavalleria Toscana!

Posted March 09th, 2018

 Daniel Sherriff has excelled in riding throughout his life. As an international rider he has dedicated his life to horses. He has trained and helped many other riders and their horses both at the family livery & dressage training yard in Hertfordshire and throughout England.

Being the son of a farmer, Dan started riding from a young age –originally on the farm bull! His father was the Master of Enfield Chase Hunt and introduced Dan to hunting on his scruffy little Welsh pony who would often attempt to roll with rider in saddle while crossing rivers or when too hot.

Following his early years with a Pony Club A-Test result (passed with Honours) and Talent Spotting success, Dan went to train and ride many horses on which he has won nearly all of the National titles from Novice to Grand Prix and never failed to make the line up in competition.

On meeting Dan you soon realise that he is passionate about horses and their training. He has been fortunate to have been trained by many of the World’s best riders and trainers through scholarships, squad training and being guinea pig at National Conventions. Dan prides himself of his honesty, this coupled with his passion has stood him in good stead in business and as maturity sets in he has learned to use his enthusiasm (passion) and directness (honesty) more cautiously. Assessing horses and their needs has always been comparatively easy compared to the needs of their owners or riders. Age, experience and some helpful advice from his mentors have given him the necessary skills to develop into the great rider and trainer he is becoming.

Dan enjoys teaching riders and horses of all abilities but acknowledges that many trainers, including himself have been victims of taking on too much each day which is his opinion is not productive for the client. He will therefore not be pushed into overloading his day and prefers to be known for the quality of his training and attention to detail rather than the number of clients.

Dan's competition results speak for themselves: Over the past twenty years he has only missed the National Championships once due to a knee injury. His current Grand Prix ride Bayford Hall Dallaglio (aka Lawrence) has put Dan firmly back on the map at an International level.



Daniel Sherriff photographed by Chloe Bowman at Bayford Hall Farm.

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