About us

Four Seasons Equestrian is a family-run high-end clothing business based in Essex, headed and founded by Natasha Bowman.

As well as running the website, Natasha manages an atelier-style, appointment-only showroom for private fittings and takes the brand to top equestrian events across the UK, like The Longines Global Champions Tour.

Horses have always been an important part of Natasha’s life since childhood and as a rider herself, she understands how riders – both professional and amateur – want to look stylish and feel practical in the saddle. She has long felt that there is a niche in the market for understated, elegant designs that suit all figures. Coco Chanel’s androgynous and military-chic designs are her particular inspiration. She was looking for such a brand when she came across Cavalleria Toscana, when they were a fledgling company in 2009.

The garments featured on this website, from such companies as Miasuki, Cavalleria Toscana and Vestrum, are all exquisitely tailored and come from Italy. They all combine both old-fashioned classic elegance with high-tech materials and innovative techniques.

Natasha's daughter creates many of their striking images, including the one shown in this information page above.


Four Seasons Equestrian, Cavalleria Toscana, Miasuki, Vestrum and Tonino  Lamboorghini: The facts 


  • Cavalleria Toscana is part of the holding company S.A.M ITALIA s.r.l., founded in 2008, who design superior quality products
  • Four Seasons Equestrian was the first sole Cavalleria Toscana shop in the UK. The products are now sold worldwide.
  • Four Seasons Equestrian is the first outlet in the UK to bring to you Cavalleria Toscana's complete range of goods for men and women.         
  • Four Seasons Equestrian were also the first in the UK to showcase the riding range from Tonino Lamborghini and Vestrum.
  • Miasuki is sold in only a very few select stores cross the world, one being Harrods and Four Seasons Eq. 
  • The name ‘Four Seasons’ came about when Natasha went to see Jersey Boys and the name appeared in neon lights in the theatre.